Thanks from your winner – Guy!

Students! Did you do your profile survey? Check your email for a chance to win a £20 voucher and tell us what you think now! Well, it’s been grand. From an uncertain start, this event has become the bright spot of my working day, the chats the place where I go when I need a quick sense of having done some good. I shall miss it. I thank the organisers and moderators for the excellent job they have done in running the programme. Given how easily an on-line activity can descend into pantomime, it’s quite startling how well this one has worked. Thanks to my fellow engineers for answering the really difficult questions, leaving me to bat around the easy ones: I think you four did the real work and deserved to win. Thanks also to all the students for their openness and enthusiasm, and for the time they’ve taken from their … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

The students have spoken. The votes have been double counted… Big congratulations to the Space Telescope Zone winner: Guy Rixon A huge thank you to everyone who took part. You were all brilliant.

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The next engineer out is…

We’ve counted, checked and rechecked the votes and now reveal it’s game over for… Hermine Schnetler This leaves just “Hard-Working, Ambitious, Friendly” Ollie Burke and “Scientific technology evangelist” Guy Rixon to fight it out for the £500 prize tomorrow. Who would you like to see win tomorrow’s final battle? VOTE

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Join after-school live chat at 7pm: Family welcome!

Today’s after school live chat is another chance to talk to the engineers in your zone! Log in from home and go to your live chat page any time between 7pm and 8pm to ask more questions. You can also show your family what you’ve been doing. Do they know anyone who writes software to find exploding stars? Show them a real engineer. Who would your parents vote for? How to Chat 1. Use your login card at 2. Click the CHAT icon in the Space Telescope Zone 3. Start typing, just like in class See you tonight! ModJosh and the I’m an Engineer team

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The next engineer evicted is…

We’ve counted the votes and you’ve now evicted… Christine Simpson The engineers left standing after tomorrow’s eviction will battle it out in Friday’s final. Who do YOU want to see in the final? VOTE for your favourite!  

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The first engineer evicted is…

The first engineer you’ve evicted is… Angus Gallie One engineer will be evicted every day this week, and you get a new vote each day. Make sure to VOTE to keep your favourite in the competition. You can comment on questions the engineers answer. Do you think the engineer is right? Do you disagree with them? Tell them!

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