• Question: Do u work on your weekend

    Asked by Holly123 to Ollie, Guy on 16 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Guy Rixon

      Guy Rixon answered on 16 Mar 2018:

      Yes, frequently. I’m afraid that’s a normal part of working a “professional” job. If you become a professional engineer you’ll have to do it too, sometimes.
      However, if you are really good at your job you can plan things better so there’s not so much weekend work. Yet another reason to get good.

    • Photo: Alexander Burke

      Alexander Burke answered on 16 Mar 2018:

      Yes, quite often I work on the weekend. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. If you love what you do then most of the time you shouldn’t mind it! I don’t mind taking my work home with me most of the time =).