• Question: Is there a way to explore black holes up close without getting killed?

    Asked by 999sptm42 to Ollie on 7 Mar 2018. This question was also asked by 562sptm42.
    • Photo: Alexander Burke

      Alexander Burke answered on 7 Mar 2018:

      Unfortunately not. It wouldn’t be very useful for humans to (physically) go near black holes since:
      1. They will likely be ripped apart, this is called spaghettification.
      2. Time slows down near black holes, whatever information we gain could be useless since humanity back on earth will have advanced by hundreds/thousands of years.
      3. You would never actually see a human cross go through a black hole. They would “freeze” near the event horizon (the point of no return) and it would take (from our perspective) an infinite amount of time for them to cross the horizon. This is due to the light coming from their bodies being “pulled back” towards the black hole and never reaching our eyes.