• Question: what is the hardest engineer related thing you have ever done?

    Asked by 888sptm42 to Christine, Guy, Ollie on 6 Mar 2018. This question was also asked by 687sptm45.
    • Photo: Christine Simpson

      Christine Simpson answered on 6 Mar 2018:

      For a while I was running a Chemistry Lab for a company I set up with my friends, I did all the experimental work in the lab wearing my white coat, and safety goggles. But, because we were just a small company, I was also in charge of making sure we had all the right chemicals in stock, and we had all the equipment we’d need for our experiments.

      Usually when you’re in a university, there are lab technicians to look after the supply of chemicals and the equipment, and you have a supervisor or a boss who is planning the work and then as a scientist, you just do the experiments. When I was running the lab, I had to be all three of those people and it was tricky! I had to understand every part of what we were doing and I had to be able to plan all the experiments well in advance to make sure we got all the work done on time.