• Question: Whats your favourite song? Mine is the chain by Fleetwood mac, its so awesome!!!

    Asked by Ozzlord to Angus, Christine, Guy, Ollie, on 2 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Guy Rixon

      Guy Rixon answered on 2 Mar 2018:

      The Chain is great. Sometimes the old songs are the best.

      I like “You gave up on love” by Boston.

    • Photo: Angus Gallie

      Angus Gallie answered on 2 Mar 2018:

      I’ve got lots, but there’s a Bob Dylan song which is one of my favourites it’s called Hurricane (it’s about a boxer who was wrongly convicted of murder!)

    • Photo: Christine Simpson

      Christine Simpson answered on 2 Mar 2018:

      That’s an excellent choice! I have too many songs I love- I can never choose a favourite

    • Photo: Alexander Burke

      Alexander Burke answered on 2 Mar 2018:

      Aww man. Great question. My answer is Echoes by Pink Floyd!